Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Ten Colors Fashionable Lipstic

Don’t just go and grab lipstick with whatever color, choose one that would best compliment our skin tones. Sometimes, we are too excited in experimenting different shades of lipstick and we end up frustrated seeing the color mismatch with our complexion.
It is of course important that us, women know the perfect shade of lipstick for our skin color. In order to know the flattering lipstick shade for us, bring your bottom lip down and look at the color. Your lipstick should be a shade that is as close as possible to that color. This is the color that will look best with your complexion.

 I think for females there's several essential items. The ideal pair of denims, a pleasant evening dress, & the ideal red lipstick. When females wears red it makes us feels more erotic, energetic, sexy, & more bolder
. Iâve always desired to wear red lipstick, but somehow I have never been able to pull it off. In the event you think you still canât wear red lipsticks, then you are WRONG! Because, there's plenty of different types of red âtoneâ for your skin. (I âm still looking for the best red for myself) &, in the event you find that ideal red lipstick it will look great on you !
Here, I found some famous stars with their attractive red lips. Do you prefer them with or without red lipsticks? Share your opinions guys!
Angelina Joli
Jolieâs lips are known to be the sexiest lips, & of her greatest features & most recognizable traits. By applying red lipstick, makes her juicy lips stand out even more. This bright red tone definitely suits her! What do you think?

f you are fair skinned, most likely, plum reds, berry, wine reds with a blue undertone look best for you. Browns -light medium browns or beige’s with pink undertones flatter fair skins. Pink undertone lipsticks compliment fair skin very nicely. However, stay away from those bright, loud pink lipsticks.
The Chinese and those oriental girls with Olive/Yellow skin should choose rich, deep brown reds and deep, dark berry shades. Stay away from orange/reds and pink/reds, they can bring out the yellow undertones in your skin. Try to avoid pink lipstick at all costs.

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