Friday, June 24, 2011

Check out the beautiful Multani Khussa Shoes

Khussa  Traditional footwear of Multan

Khussas - with their intricate patterns and exotic designs, are an important part of our rich culture. Made out from the finest quality of leather, soft and pure, to embrace the gentleness of your foot. Khussas appear in various colorful and sophisticated varieties, with multihued embroidery and bead work, making anyone fall in love with them in the first glance.Hand-made footwear -- both elegant and comfortable, Khussas look when worn over Shalwar Kameez, Choodri Daar pajamas, and other traditional dresses. Not to mention, khussas make a fine casual wear as well as wedding or formal wear.

Multani Khussa shoes are the latest trends in streets of Pakistan. There's females who felt in to its charm and now they are spending a lot to have pair of Multani khussa shoes for every occasion.Letâs have a glance on these thrilling and beautiful shoes.The shoes are the most attention getting part of your appearance while you emphasize more on the outfits the shoes also demand the same. They are here to give you an introduction about hot trend of Multani khussa shoes which are not doubt the stylish and delicate shoes. Have read following description of khussa Multani shoes.

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