Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tattoo Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Women
Henna designs can add to the beauty of your hands. You can either buy a henna cone from market or make henna paste of your own. If in case you require to make your own henna, then you must make paste from the crushed henna leaves along with the other natural ingredients including black tea, eucalyptus oil & lemon juice

. Then select a attractive mehndi design for your hands, you can find from the mehndi books that are basically obtainable.

Once you have selected a mehndi design for your hand, apply the henna paste on your hands either with cone, toothpicks or through the medium prepared made stencils. You need to wait for to hours for letting the henna dry after which you can get beautiful mehndi markings on you hands that will last for lots of weeks. Although, the longevity of mehndi color on you hands depends on several factors. You must avoid water contact to your hands for the preliminary 24 hrs of its application. When the dried mehndi paste is removed from hands it appears to be orange in color it takes  day to darken and become deep brown.

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