Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eid Mehndi Design Latest

Eid Mehndi Design Latest
Eid is celebrated on the first day the month of Sawwal. The festival marks the finish of month of Ramdhan and is celebrated with the festive food and gifts and dresses. Mehndi mostly known as henna plays a significant role in this festive.

There's different type of mehndi designs that are been used by thePakistani for the Eid celebrations some of them being Contemporary Designs,Pakistani  Style, Arabic style and African Style to name a few.The menhdi designs on Eid depict several thoughts and happiness of the festive, the vines and leaves in a Mehndi design symbolizes fertility as well as attraction. The floral designs along with different line patterns are the popular choice for the Eid festive.

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