Sunday, June 26, 2011

Make up tips for American and African brides

Here are some tips how to apply makeup that makes a bride more brilliant
It is true that lots of African-American ladies are not much fair. But brides ought to worry as there's lots of makeup tips obtainable with the best colors for African-American skin tones & how to properly deal with common issues so you can be wedding-day attractive.Normally for American & African brides, foundation that has yellow undertones is the most flattering, but if a bride has a dark skin, a foundation with a slight blue cast works best. & if a bride has medium-toned skin, pick a foundation with a red-yellow hue. Additionally if her skin is light, look for a soft golden shade.

There is possibility that bride may they variances in undertone on different parts of brideâs face so itâs a lovely suggestion to have foundation shades â light, medium, and dark â on hand to permit for the different gradations of color. Actually most of African-American ladies are darker across the brow and chin, and slightly lighter on the cheeks. So it better to make use of light foundation under-eye concealer and to lighten a dark brow or chin area. And use medium foundation all-over color to correct spots of varied pigmentation and then use the dark foundation to even out the lightest areas of brideâs face. can also experiment with a bronzing stick to bring down the lighter tones of her face.

And for blush medium to dark skin tones look best with deep blush hues like dark rose, currant, and plum. Use burgundy and blackberry shades in lipstick, it will look stunning on dark skin. And the bride with medium skin tones look in currant or red, and those with light skin look

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