Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pakistani Bridal Latest Dresses Photos

                            Bridal Latest Dresses Photos
 Pictures of Indian wedding dresses often show elegant, elaborate designs with exquisite beadwork, embroidery, and detail. Viewing different pictures can help Indian brides-to-be find their own style while honoring their cultural heritage.

Pakistani wedding dresses are very different from Western style wedding attire. Understated is definitely not a word that could be ascribed to an   Pakistani  wedding outfit.  Pakistani brides are expected to sparkle and shine and this expectation is fulfilled in brightly colored and intricately embroidered ensembles.   Pakistani wedding dresses are usually red, as white is considered to be a color of mourning in many regions. Red is the traditional color of   Pakistani brides and is considered to bring good luck and happiness to the prospective couple.

Many of the pictures of dresses are of the magazines which were send and ordered by our customers.
If you have any picture of any dress from any magazine we can make the one for you. We can try match the color and design of the original picture

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