Thursday, July 7, 2011

Latest Fashion Designe Kameez Salwar & Dupata

Latest  Salwar Kameez Collection 2011
 Salwar Kameez a comfortable and popular dress of Pakistan and India has lots of different styles to offer. As salwar can be stitched in various forms like Dhoti Salwar, Patiala, Khari Salwar, Loose Salwar or Pleated salwar. Similarly kameez can be designed in lots of different styles like A line, Frock, Anarkali, Angrakha, Front Open, long or short and Paneled.
  Salwar Kameez  Most recent style of kameez has panels that can be printed or plain depending on the print or demand. stylish salwar kameez can be made with the help of embroideries and laces that are available in the market. Daman of a kameez can be stitched round or straight according to the fashion. Corner dropped A line frocks are also liked by lots of girls. Anarkali is another kind of kameez that looks like a frock but has got lots of panels stitched in a style that the kameez looks like a smart frock.

 Salwar Kameez Trousers are much in fashion besides simple salwar. Girls and professional ladies mostly wear long kameez with loose or tight trousers to look more smart and stylish. Loose trouser is and a comfortable kind of salwar. Long kameez or A line with trouser follows the rules of parda that are given by Islam. This is a complete non revealing dress for Muslim ladies. Yet stylish.

Latest  Salwar Kameez  Rich traditional shalwar kameez is our national dress as well as a symbol of Pakistani culture. From traditional to contemporary, shalwar kameez has sizable selection of margin to incorporate with numerous style & patterns. The designers are now merging western & eastern styles & patterns to produce more stylish modern outfits.Semi coat collar neck merged with traditional style kameez with light embroidery is what girls are in to nowdays. Girls can wear this kameez with a tight fitted ankle shalwar for a trendier look. The designers have blended the both elderly and new patterns for a slim and tall girls who can enjoy mobility in dress and fashion simultaneously. You can use it as a formal party wear with light jewelry and make up. Tie up your hair in a pony or leave them loose, as they look more beautiful that way.Salwar Kameez
Salwar Kameez for the changing fashion is being classified in to different catagories. The Traditional Kameez is now wore with the Trouser in lieu of Salwar to give a more stylish and classy look to the dress. The Stitched Salwar Kameez is a better option for todays generation because it's got quality stitching. Moreover the styles that come in stitched salwar kameez are not always simple to copy, and most importantly the stitched salwar kameez is economical depending on the designing and different material used in a suit for adornment. The stitched designer clothes have no match. There uniqueness is guaranteed.Salwar Kameez

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